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Nu Rococo & Baroque | Contemporary Design

March 9, 2015


contemp2 contemp3

contemp4 contemp5

Contemporary Rococo and Baroque

I made this collection of Design Items that present the well known style from the Rococo and Baroque epoche in a 21st Century hue. I sometimes mix the modern photographies up with old patterns or pictures of churches to give the collection a better feeling for the epoche.

The color ranges from dark, black and gold in the beginning of baroque, where gothic wasn’t that far around the corner, to gold, white, up-beat themes with pastel tones and a lot of pink and baby blue hues.

I especially like the combination of modern patterns like the leo print, on rococo furniture.


Generally, Rococo with a twist, is very much an eyecatcher:

25f5ce291583610e4ac8d26f680414e8via unknown 


Unfortunately I don’t know who it was, that created this wonderful dress. But I am pretty amazed by the colores they used.

please stop by at for more examples.

The collection is still growing, as i stumble over more beautiful pieces that the world must see.


#jesuischarlie in Linz, Austria

January 12, 2015



Autumn: Coat Inspiration

September 2, 2014

May I present to you this seasons favourite Coats, by yours truly! Since I am living in central Europe Winter can be cold and cruel. What is more soothing than a fluffy Overcoat to snuggle in, while cold winds blow and wet colorful leafes are blown into your very face. My enthusiasm for fluffy Leopard Print Coats is maybe a little over the top. But I tell you, I do not wear fur. Only faux fur has ever made it into my closet. Another thing that really caught my attention this (and last) year are the asymetric or  biker style coats. I like to sport a litte bit of a edgy style so I am really happy about this trend. Since wearing a leather jacket in October can be a little chily around here. Please enjoy my selection and let me know which style you are going to sport this season Love, R

Grandma Style

Love Moschino Heart Button Topcoat Source:

Jil Sander Short Loose Fit Coat Source:

Band Of Outsiders Check Pattern Coat Source:

Biker & Asymetric

Pied A Terre Assymetric Fit and Flare Wool Coat Source:

Colorblock Coat in Biker Style Source:

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Reveal: Whats in my bag? & also HELLO YOUTUBE!

August 12, 2014


I have decided to create a YouTube accout for myself, so I can not only consume content but also produce.
Please enjoy, subscribe,  leave a like or maybe a comment! It would help me out a lot!



Richard Clarkson | Cloud

July 2, 2014




This amazing smart artpiece by Richard Clarkson can bring you the swiltry thick air, the anticipation and the relief of a summers first thunderstorm into your home.
Also you can stream your music via bluetooth, and through a motionsensor the cloud reacts to movement.

On the inside it is arduinobased with a suspended speaker unit, held together with a sponged that is  felted by hypoallergenic fiberfill.
For the felting a special device was created to accomplish the sheepish fluffly look, says Clarkson on his website.

With his pieces Clarkson achieves to create a bridge between physical computing, design and user friendlyness.


You can purchase a full functioning cloud with semi-immersive lightning, speaker with visual feedback or i.e. a nightlight/speaker hybrid for 3,360 USD
There are also cheaper versions for the smaller designlover pocket available.
And for future hybrid designer clarkson made his Code available online here. I would like to build one myself.


What a nice, talented guy.







Curly Hair Inspiration

July 1, 2014

For everybody whos had the same problem like me.

What to do with curly hair?!

I always thought i was quite limited with my options for my hair. Truth be told, I did not know it better.


















Insta-Up for May’14

May 28, 2014




It is Instagram Update/lookatwhatIlookat time!



Number One! Reynolds!

Number Two! on my fav-list is always bows, bows bows. Cute ones, elegant ones. But as you maybe know, in my preferences, I need some kind of edge. So I found this really cute and trashy purse to replace my old one that I lost (or got stolen. Don’t ask) It is from Claire’s, about 20€ and its not the biggest but really okay. The outside is shiny plastic, aswell as the turquoise bow on top of it. The heart and the u-shaped acessoire is made of metal, dangly and ver 90ies.

Number Three! a Picture that embelleshes the walls of our university. Anyways, dont tell me what to do.

Number Four! A Clutch i found in a little store in Salzburg. It does indeed look like the Ghetto Blaster that i have in my Kitchen. I found it in my Granny’s House. Probably from the eighties and still working! Anyways, the Clutch I did not buy…  But I will probably come back for it!!

Number Five! My new HÜSK Gang Backpack that I got for my 23rd Birthday, 2 Weeks ago. Of course from

Number Six!  White Nailpolish! I know: Boo, who could have foreseen that in the springseason pastels and whites will be big. But I do feel really fancy and I like it even more on my toenails with a matching ankle chain.


 As always, thanks for stopping by and see you around! ❤